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Bring Back Balance



Chet Wamboldt was trained in Organizational Leadership and Development as his Undergraduate work and is a Project Manager for Surge Consultant Group. Chet has a broad range of experience including building developer and strike team leader for FEMA during national disasters. He is currently working on safety and risk management in the shipping, construction, and entertainment industries as well as instructing safety at COCC. 


Chet has lived in Bend for 14 years. Like many Bendites, he is passionate about living a heathy lifestyle; you will often see him on his road or mountain bike grinding up Skyliners. He is involved in leadership of a local church where he volunteers in the children’s ministry and serves as a mentor to young men (and yes, they do a weekly cold plunge in the Deschutes!). He is part of a network that assists special needs children, including direct care as well as building furniture to fit their needs. Top priority for Chet is raising a happy and healthy nine-year-old daughter.


Chet wants to help make Bend the kind of place where we all want to live, balancing those elusive goals that inevitably arise from a diverse population. If elected to local government, Chet will focus on:

             -Maximizing opportunity for entrepreneurs

             -Creating healthy growth for the major industries in Bend, such as tourism, healthcare, biotech

             -Making Bend affordable for families

             -Creating equality of opportunity through Bend’s policies


Chet welcomes questions and dialogue about what’s important to residents of Bend.

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